Join us on our mission to revolutionize the way people buy products and become part of a one of a kind experience.

No matter if you are a small startup or large corporation, we are happy to discuss the unique opportunity to integrate your product customizable on with you. Don’t hesitate to contact us, regardless which type of product or industry we’re here to take out complexity throughout the process and support you with every single step of getting you on-board.

  1. Which type of products can become part of the madeone concept?

    The answer is: All products across various categories. Although our BETA experience is focussed on home & living and shows you just a glimpse of our future product range, we are already working on launching our next categories as automotive, motorcycling, sports, outdoor, leisure‚ electronics, apparel, shoes and watches. So if you are from one of these industries and you share the vision with us that the future will be about personalized product and service experiences, let’s get in touch.

  2. How does madeone ensure a premium product environment?

    For the start-up phase of our concept we are proud to already count brands like Smeg and Eliot among our partners. As you can already see, our partners are versatile and different. That's why we are happy about every request, no matter if you are a big company or a small manufacture. The decisive factors are creativity, quality and originality. Based on our experiences working for global brands and companies you can be sure that we will treat your brand in the best way possible and that together we will be able to add a premium customization service to your products. As customization is a different field of play: We will never market a product at a discounted price instead we’re even adding more value.

  3. How does madeone get products customizable in 3D?

    To integrate your products on customizable in 3D, we distinguish between two different starting situations. Either you already have a customizable product (or an idea of how to personalize it) or you have a product but don't know how to customize it yet. In both cases we will find the best way possible together. Those who already have a customizable product, we count as ‚Product Partners‘. Those who have a product without customization we count as ‚Product Partners incl. Customization Fulfillment’. As the naming reveals, we are able to handle the customization for our ‚Product Partners incl. Customization Fulfillment’.

    In both cases, we also take care of the complete 3D modeling and process applying of customization options at no extra cost. We will introduce you to all on-boarding details in a first intro session.

    In the following overview you can see the individual conditions of the two ways to partner up:

    madeone Space - Team

  4. Why should I consider to become a madeone partner?

    Based on our experience with our first customization business model and beyond, we can say one thing for sure: Customization is the future of products and services. On the platform we want to offer the possibility to customize your favorite products online in 3D according to your own wishes. A unique, personalized and customized product, designed by the customer himself. We would be more than happy to share with you in a first intro session insights that clearly underline the endless potential of customized products.

    We welcome new partners to join us on our journey and create the future of customization.

  5. What about enabling a customization service on my own website?

    Over the last years we have brought to life a wide portfolio of B2B services which enable companies and brands to add a scalable mass customization dimension to their running business models, without harming profitability and being forced to take too many risks in investing in frontend technologies. It is important to understand your business model, your products as well as your customers. Based on this and our own experiences we will be able to craft the best possible strategy to add a customization business dimension to your existing product line. If you are already operating a customization service, we are able to step in to solve business challenges from a richer 3D frontend experience to a more efficient production process.

If you are interested, learn more about our B2B Services on our Corporate Website:

Let's customize our future!