1. What products can I find on madeone?

    In our shop you can find numerous products - initially you will find products for the design of your home or office as well as cycling products - in the future there will be more. Currently you can customize fridges, desks, bikes, custom bicyle frames, bicycle helmets and neck braces with us. As the assortment is constantly growing, you can stay up-to-date and be the first one to know about new products by following us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter and subscribing to our newsletter. We are happy to be accompanied by excellent partners that produce unique and high-quality products.

  2. Is it possible to add my own individual logos or graphics to the design? 

    We support the certain extra and we are happy to enable you to add your own individual logos and graphics, as long as it is realizable on the product with a high quality. For our cycling category we are able to add the manufacter logo of your bike to your newly painted frame. As this requires more precision and effort, we will calculate an extra charge. You can contact us at any time and turn to our customization specialists for advice so that your personal product can be customized with the highest quality.

  3. Why does it take several weeks to deliver my product?

    The delivery time of our products is the result of the individual manufacturing of every customized product instead of a mass production. This means that we will start to customize your product in that moment when we receive your order or request. This process requires time. We will inform you as soon as we have handed your product over to our delivery partner. You can look up the delivery time on the product site. In the meantime you may lean back and look forward to receiving your personal product!

  4. Which colors are used and can I request my own special color code? 

    For those products that are painted, we only use high-quality lacquers we have chosen carefully in order to achieve the best results. Yes, it is possible to paint your product with your individual color code. Just send us your desired color and we will check the availability.

    Those products that are printed, can generally also be produced with your individual color code. However, it depends strongly on the individual product and its texture. Therefore, it would be the best if you sent us your individual request to service@madeone.com and we are happy to advise.

  5. Can I return my customized product? 

    Since the product is customized individually for you, it is not possible to just return it. We trust in our work and the quality in everything we do - so if you are ever unhappy with your madeone product, please contact us and we will try our best to make you a happy madeone customer again. All non-customized products can be returned within 14 days without declaring any reasons.

  6. How is my product customized? 

    Every product is unique. This refers also to the material and texture of the product that consequently make the customization process of every product an own little journey. Further details can be found directly on the product or - if you want to know more than that - you can call us or send an email. You can be sure that our items are always produced with the highest quality possible.

  7. Is it possible to send you my own products and have them painted or printed? 

    At this point, it is important to differentiate between those products that can be painted (with lacquer) and those products that are printed. The products that are originally painted with lacquer, can generally be treated in a way that makes it possible to paint the product again. This means that we can customize and paint your own product (f.e. your existing bicycle frames). Nevertheless, even painted products differ in their possibilities regarding paint jobs. Just send us your individual request and we will give advice about whether and how your product can be painted with the highest quality possible. 

    If you have a product with a print, we cannot customize it. This results from the production process that already integrates the customization of the product in the very first stage of the production. Since this production process is already finished on your own product, the layer with the print is an essential part of the product that cannot be removed and the printing cannot be integrated in retrospect.

  8. Where does the customization of my products take place?

    Every madeone product is manufactured with the highest quality standards. Our own team of customization specialists takes care of the majority of customizations at our own location in Frankfurt. For those products that require a special individualisation, we have a small and carefully chosen team of production partners that share our passion for customization and support us during the individualisation of the products.

  9. Who delivers my product? 

    We have a large variety of individual products that differ regarding their volume, weight and size. Therefore, we collaborate with different partners that deliver your product comfortably to your home. These partners include DHL, UPS and Kühne + Nagel. If you want your product to be delivered especially fast, you are welcome to request express shipping and we will discuss with our partners how we can get your product to you quickly and safely.

  10. Can I track my shipment? 

    As soon as we hand your product over to our shipment partner, you will receive a confirmation email from us. From that moment on, your product is in the hands of one of our carefully selected partners, so you will receive a tracking number from our partner, which you can then use to track the journey of your madeone product in the partner portal.

  11. How can I change my data? 

    To change your data, you need a customer profile. You can easily create a customer profile on our website and log in at any time. In your customer profile you can change your data, see an overview of your orders and even create multiple shipping addresses. If you have ordered a product as a guest and want to change your data later, the possibility of changing your data depends on whether the customization of your product has already begun and whether it is already in shipping. To find that out and solve it, the easiest way is to contact us directly by writing an email or calling us.

  12. Is is possible to buy madeone vouchers?

    Yes, this is possible. We offer different voucher values, which can be combined to an individual total value or of course can be ordered individually. If you are interested in a voucher for a very personal gift, you can find our madeone.com vouchers here.

  13. Do I find madeone on Social?

    Yes, it would be cool to get your support on FacebookInstagram, Pinterest and/or Twitter.